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I am a Massachusetts native living in New Mexico with my husband. We have a small 2-acre "ranchette" close to the banks of the beautiful Rio Grande. I garden and raise chickens. A lot of my inspiration comes from the beauty of the natural environment: bugs, flowers, critters and birds. I enjoy taking photos and a lot of my work is based off of photographs I've taken.

I've been making "things" all my life and I've now decided to make more of an effort to sell what I make. Most people like looking at things in person so selling online is little more difficult. I'm not a professional photographer so I struggle with getting the pictures right.One of my buff orphinton hens in a flower pot with lilcas

I owe most of my creative spirit to my parents who were children of immigrants. If they needed something, they would make it themselves. They always encouraged me to do the same. "If you want something - make it!"

My dad, now retired, spent his career as a mechanical engineer but he is also a master craftsman, welder, builder and artist. A perfectionist. When he makes something it looks like it was created by a machine. My mom, a gentle soul, was a prolific writer and amateur genealogist who had a newspaper column. They had nicknames for all of their children. I was called "SueBug".

Dad and Sue ReadingMom in colortypewriter image by dr Duke

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