I started working with my dad at a very early age. I helped him remodel our houses, I'd hand the tiles to him while he tiled the new bathroom, or mix his plaster when he was finishing a wall. I did my best to help him strip wallpaper, even though, at the time I could reach up only about 24 inches. At least he got the bottom of the wall done. Kitty Plaster Statue

Mixing plaster

Soon I became familiar with a lot of the construction materials: wood, glue, tile... I got a hold of cement and started making small cement faces. I'd paint them with Testors paint. My dad didn't get angry at me when I glued them to the wall in his office. (They may still be there as I think I used epoxy.)

Felt Pencil HolderSoon I was cutting up tin cans and making flowers; painting rocks and gluing them together.. then I discovered oil paint and water color and paper mache. I was lucky to live in the same town as watercolor artist Christopher Gorey, who was a friend of my brother. Chris taught me a lot about watercolor painting techniques. I attended the Worcester Art Museum School (Worcester Massachusetts) for a summer where I was encourage, even more to add a wild freedom to my paintings.

Soon "real life" called and I chose a career as a computer technician and later a technical writer. As a tech I constructed a lot of prototype circuit boards, power supplies, cables and test jigs. This furthered my love of construction and gave me experience creating things with metal and wire. Later I took a semester of woodworking at a local trade school. I soon began making my own furniture.

Making things became a way of life for me and now, years later - If I'm not always making something, I just don't feel right. And for me there's something spiritual and therapeutic about it. Alan Parsons. once said that "Art is the union between the material and the spiritual, the human and the divine.. " I totally believe that. It's a process of taking a thought and manifesting a real object from it.


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